Heal Starting NOW Via Trusting Your DNA!

An article I read in a Yahoo Group that is about strategies for the, ‘Sick Season’ told me that ‘We are all human’. It basically had positive moments, but it tended to go toward a feeling that humans are trapped in dealing with germs as if they were muggers lurking around every corner. I propose to share with you my truth that although I can get sick once in a great, great while, I don’t constantly shudder at statistical averages which cite that as many as ten colds a year are normal for kids and four per year for myself as an adult. I do wash my hands often enough. I eat right, exercise wonderfully and therefore I don’t fear any sick person who might cough in my face. (And I sneeze into my armpit.)

I take care of MY OWN immune system. This article has a point in reminding you that your immune system is… key word… YOURS. It is under your controls and guidance. I don’t tell my DNA to go ahead and lay down and take those sick days. Your DNA would really love you to tell them that you don’t have to give in easily to ‘Normal Statistics’ you read about in some article somewhere. The DNA in your cells wants you to tell them how healthy you are, not how vulnerable you are.

It happened that the morning I began writing this article, I had gone to bed the last three nights in a row and I had a sore throat each night. Before I went to bed I did physical, mental, emotional, energetic and spiritual rituals that I will mention later. I did not lie down in bed quivering with the thought, ‘Oh that inevitable cold that everyone is getting is coming on!’ (…Or any Flu from swines or birds…etc!) There was not one ‘Poor me, there’s nothing to be done’ type of surrender voicing itself in my head. Each morning I woke up without any trace of a step-one symptom. I was back to feeling healthy. I went through a new day feeling fine.

Certain times in your life you do have emotional, physical, mental, energetic and spiritual drains coming at you that you must look at and you can deal with by using complementary medicine techniques. In those times your immune system needs extra help. I am NOT saying to NEVER consult a doctor of Western Medicine! There are miraculous machines that scan your body. There are operations to repair countless damages you have brought on through your habits and mind sets. However you can possibly feel better sooner than you have been lead to believe as dramatized in the onslaught of commercials for the drugs that flood the market that ask you to ask your doctor about this and that formula. If your middle name happens to be, ‘pill popper’, consider what I have written here! Take charge of yourself before running to the medicine cabinet filled with those popularized drugs!

A time of challenged circumstances is no exception to MY RULE. When that sore throat and tiredness comes back and seems relentless, I don’t ever simply expect a progression through symptoms that will put me on my back and in bed for a week or more. I don’t consciously or even subconsciously welcome a well deserved rest from my life where I will enjoy family members waiting on me as mom did when I was a kid. (Fun vacations are a much better way to take a rest when I am at my best, healthy self.) I don’t invite in the feeling that others love me more when I am vulnerable. There is nothing wrong with being vulnerable, yet I don’t have to be physically, emotionally or mentally ill to enable myself to be vulnerable at times and allow some one else to take care of me. You might need that at times, but I am telling you that I don’t have that modus operendi as part of a response to simple and even more challenging symptoms. These words are not set out to give you a case of what is termed, ‘New Age Guilt’. Please get inspired.

The third night of recurring symptoms is when I had replaced my toothbrush and I continued doing some physical remedies like taking Loquat Syrup I get from the Chinese grocery store or elderberry syrup and/or a Wellness Capsule I get from the health food store and putting eucalyptus oil on my throat and a scarf over it all night after breathing in it’s properties in steam. I also laid in bed and did mental-energetic-spiritual qigong in the form of alchemical formulas that balance my emotions as well as my energetic centers and acupuncture routes. After three days of recurring night symptoms I kicked that regression. The next day I stayed healthy and was my normal, healthy self. (It took me way longer to finish this article!)

My routine is to do over an hour of morning practices daily. I teach my morning class six times per week for another hour and I have an average of three extra classes that I teach. I share self-help techniques I’ve learned through Ancient Chinese understandings. Being able to teach others is one of the ways I find I retain my own health better than just doing it for myself. I catch up with extra sleep once weekly so I take that one morning off. When life is extra topsy-turvy, I get up out of bed during the night and do extra practices in another room away from my husband so as not disturb him. No tossing and turning for me!

My ways of dealing are certainly not the only ways an individual should learn to cope. There are many ways; hundreds and thousands of ways to do it, but you must find your own way and practice while you are healthy and not just when you are sick. You might be working more than one shift and have a truly stressful life. You can take a few minutes each hour to do some of the things I have mentioned. A few times a week you can get in a class from someone whose teachings appeal to you, or even read an inspiring article.

Stop spreading the negative mantras that tell you there is no recourse to a cold, flu (or even a life threatening illness.) Unless you really want those days in bed suffering, train yourself to be the empowered energetic self-healer who is connected to the one Healing Source, no matter how you name him/her/it. I like to believe you have to ‘put out your hands’. to ‘catch a cold’ in the same way as catching a ball. Step aside! Don’t be guilty, make excuses, or feel sorry. Train your immune system daily. And if you do ‘come down’ with something, know right away that it is temporary. (Notice the phrase, ‘come down’… That is a clue to your subconscious that you better get back up again, don’t you think? Well I DO think that!)

I have come to the understandings of biologist Bruce Lipton, whose website can be found via search engines on the internet. I find there is comfort in the research he offers and the history he shows supporting a ‘new paradigm of thought’ being popularized that has been around for thousands of years. His website, last I looked, has free articles in his archives. You can glean from it some of the theories that have been enhanced by previous studies on the subject (since the 1960’s), of why our minds are now proven to control our cells and therefore our genes. It is no longer Pollyanna-ism of ‘mind over matter’-type wishful thinking. So much research is now available and is proving that we are best NOT cowering in fear of germs or even of inheriting a disease from our parents and other genealogically close relatives. Studies have shown that adopted children can have just as many tendencies to get a disease of their adopted parents. They become open to getting the illness because they have psychologically opened up to the wound of the caretaker. It is the fears and cowering attitude itself that informs your cells that you are vulnerable and opens the genes to your thought language which is proven again and again as the major key to bringing on disorders of the body, mind, emotions, spirit and energy. Your thoughts are precious and need to be guided with your good intention by developing your subconscious understandings of this truth: Your DNA does support and materialize just about everything you believe.

The pharmaceutical world and medical establishment makes very much money on human frailties that are exacerbated by keeping from you the now well researched knowledge of your human ability to change your mind and change your cells. If people don’t train to discard fears… sorry to say it, but those above mentioned industries will still be the ones who are keeping you fearful instead of you yourself providing the education you need to transform your limiting beliefs and therefore your very own DNA.

The above information will help you to understand that negative mantras must be ousted from your habitual way of speaking to yourself. Now that extensive research continuously increases highlighting the ability our DNA has to be transformed by our language, we can NOW benefit greatly. Deep studies are being done all over the world. Start understanding that YOU are in CHARGE when you feel symptoms of sickness. The following is something I edited down to points which I found in a forwarded e-mail:

DNA Discoveries From Russia
1. DNA can be influenced and reprogrammed by words and frequencies without cutting out and replacing single genes.
2. 90% of DNA was once considered “junk DNA.”
3. Our DNA is not only responsible for the construction of our body but also serves as data storage and communication. It follows the same rules as all our human languages.
4. Therefore, human languages did not appear coincidentally but are a reflection of our inherent DNA.
Biologist Pjotr Garjajev and his colleagues explored the vibrational behavior of DNA. His team managed, for example, to modulate certain frequency patterns (sound) onto a laser-like ray which influenced DNA frequency and thus the genetic information itself.
5. In living tissue, not in vitro, DNA will always react to language-modulated laser rays and even to radio waves, if the proper frequencies (sound) are being used.
6. It is entirely normal and natural for our DNA to react to language.

This information edited and translated by Baerbel on 1/17/05 & condensed to 6 pointsby R. Cohan, from Internet forward Aug. 3, ’05