4 Resources For Your Online Business You Shouldn’t Be Without

If you are seeking extreme success as an online business owner, there are many online business applications, software, and resources for your online business that you should consider making an integral part of your toolkit. Here, I will highlight the top 4 tools every entrepreneur should have and use.

1. Digital Camera

A good quality digital camera is an essential part of any entrepreneur’s toolkit. Whether you are selling products or selling yourself, it is true that a picture is worth a thousand words. Because you should be regularly blogging as well as publishing articles, you will want to have a camera handy to add photos to the copy you publish, as it enhances the impact. Your website and other online branding can also be enhanced by high quality imagery, so a decent digital camera (which can be had for under $100) can be an essential instrument to help you build your business.

2. Skype or Oovoo

In the more practical realm of business communication, Skype or Oovoo is a cost-effective and necessary business resource that makes it possible for you to be on the phone and online with your clients, team members, and prospective customers without running up a long distance phone bill or exceeding your minute allowance on your cell phone plan. Both Skype and Oovoo offer premium versions that allow for group video conferencing, but the free downloadable version of each program is typically enough to help any entrepreneur get launched without facing any high overhead costs.

3. Facebook and Twitter

Without social media marketing, you might as well not even open an online business, and with new functionality from Facebook for business pages as well as the partnership between Facebook and Bing, you need to create and maintain social media accounts. Because Twitter is not only an effective marketing application on its own but also can help you drive more fans to your Facebook page, I recommend getting started with both immediately. In fact, as soon as you secure your domain name, you should create your associated Twitter account and fan page.

4. Google Calendar

Staying organized continues to be one of the biggest challenges facing work at home entrepreneurs, and Google calendar is a free organization tool that is easy to use. You can plug in appointments, goals, daily tasks, and other events, and it will generate email reminders to you to help you stay on track and on task.