Top 10 iTunes Podcasts For Entrepreneurs

Podcasts are a great (and free!) way to stay up to date on current issues that many of today’s businessmen and entrepreneurs face. You can download these to your iPod and listen to them throughout the day whether at work, in the car, or on the treadmill. There are a number of podcasts to choose from, below is a list of favorites that are relevant to both aspiring and proven entrepreneurs. Most importantly, these podcasts are updated frequently.

Startup Nation – These podcasts include information and insights that every beginner entrepreneur will appreciate and enjoy. Updated very frequently, a great resource.

Entrepreneurial Thought Leaders – Sponsored by Stanford University, this podcast is updated every Wednesday and includes talks and conversations with some of today’s most innovative and successful entrepreneurs and business people. Like the University itself, many of the podcasts are technology based.

Wall Street Journal on Small Business – Excellent podcast updated every Monday and usually less than ten minutes long. Topics usually address management and financial issues small businesses face.

Knowledge @ Wharton – Online research and business analysis by the Wharton School of the University of Penn. Although not updated as frequently as other podcasts (new podcasts added a couple times each month) the topics are always intriguing and include some of today’s brightest thinkers, authors, professors and business leaders.

Struggling Entrepreneur – Great resource for entrepreneurs who haven’t quite made it yet or who may be knee deep in the startup process seeking insight and inspiration. Topics are somewhat similar to the Startup Nation podcasts.

Harvard Business IdeaCast – Weekly podcasts from one of the world’s top Universities (with highest paid alumni). Featured guests include the leading global thinkers, professors, and business managers. Not all topics are directly related to entrepreneurship or even the business world but all are relevant/interesting to any innovator.

NPR: Business Story of the Day – Daily podcasts usually less than 5 minutes in length. Not necessarily a great knowledge resource but rather a quick and entertaining tidbit about a current business happening.

TEDTalks – Podcasts from the TED (Technology, Entertainment, Design) conferences from some of the world’s most captivating, intellectual, and iconic people on a variety of topics. Again, these podcasts are not directly related to entrepreneurship but a great source for new ideas and innovative thinking.

The Economist – While in business school many professors advised each student to read two publications above all others: the Wall Street Journal and The Economist. Includes audio content on a wide variety of topics including world politics, business, finance, economics, science, technology, culture and the arts.

Social Innovation Conversations – Lectures and interviews regarding the latest ideas in social change. Topics include social entrepreneurship, environmental sustainability, philanthropy, corporate social responsibility, and responsible investing.