Brain Power Resources For Entrepreneurs

Researcher Saras D. Saravasthy at the University of Virginia’s graduate school of business discovered that the type of entrepreneurial mind-set that leads to high levels of success involves the ability to:

(1) Develop intuitive and insightful vision of the future that is flexible and not predictable.

(2) Develop focus and grounding in the present moment to create decisions, strategies and implementations that bring that vision of the future to manifestation.

This type of thinking style is enhanced by fostering a deeper body, mind and spirit connection and integration.

Three Minutes Per Hour Builds Entrepreneurial Thinking

The great news is that it only takes 3 to 5 minutes of qi gong every hour to build this brain pattern that is associated with high levels of entrepreneurial success. So, this style of thinking is accessible to each and every one of us.

Use the following qi gong in your 3 minutes power break.

Pulling Down the Heavens.

Perform 9 pulling down the heavens movements very slowly.

**To begin, raise arms to the sides with palms upward as you inhale.
**Continue raising arms towards the ceiling as if you are going to grasp a silvery ball above your head.
**Exhale as move this ball down past the head, lowering the hands until hands rest at your sides.

Another quick movement to add to your 3 minutes repertoire are wrist rolls, qi gong style. Breathe in deeply as you roll your wrists inward towards the body and exhale as you extend wrists away from the body.

You are not just warming your joints or tendons with this activity, but empowering circulation to all these bodily systems by stimulating acupuncture points that tie into the lungs, large intestine, heart, and small intestine.

When tired, use 3 minutes every hour to rejuvenate the body with this qi gong self massage for the kidneys. Simply rub the lower back vigorously until you feel a warmth in that region of the body. This brings vital energy to the kidneys.

Also, don’t forget to use these strategies:

**Visualize to calm the mind and break through barriers to achieving daily goals. Combine that with qi gong movements to make your 3 minutes especially powerful.

**Eat plenty of Omega 3 and Omega 6 oils in the form of salmon, tuna, halibut, and sword fish. Pass on the fish oil supplements as they may contain heavy metals which create hormonal imbalances in women. Instead, try organic flax seed oil capsules or evening primrose oil capsules to boost your brain power and that entrepreneurial style of thinking while balancing moods, hormonal shifts.

**Journal your food choices and gain more power over what you put into your body to fuel your brain. Researchers discovered that people who journal food choices were able to achieve their healthy body weights, which of course benefits overall health and brain chemistry.